Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wizards: TONS of classic D&D adventures & books now online

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Wizards of the Coast has re-released PDF versions of classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures at their new site www.dndclassics.com.

The even BETTER news is that the purchase system is run by DriveThruRPG. Which means for those of us who already have an account, we don't need to go makin' a new one. Starting today, more than 80 files are for sale, inlcuding the '81 Basic Game (the one that came in the red box). Prices are supposedly start at $5, which is quite nice, considering this is all out-of-print material.

Word is, these are fresh scans folks--and searchable too!

Big 'ol hat tip to Geekdad over at Wired.com

Images: Wizards via Wired

UPDATE: The site seems to be overloaded, I'm sure due to the announcement this morning. This is surprising since DriveThru is usually pretty reliable. So looks like patience is in order. If anything, it's a great sign that so many people want to play OSR-style D&D!

They've posted an announcement to watch their Facebook and Twitter channels for updates.