Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pirates vs. Undead, Pt. 2

So I wanted to post close-ups of some of the pirate and skeleton characters I mentioned a while back. When I found them in the toy shop out east, I was surprised that for they were actually painted considering how cheap they were (under $10 or so). Now they're not exactly Rembrants, but considering they were like 20 to a pack plus accessories, that's a pretty good deal.

So here's a few shots of the pirates, I've given them names:
Shipwright Dooley

Hale O'Volley

Chopper Daniels

Blackpowder Billy

First Mate Collins

...and Captain Crabbacke!

Next time: Skeleton warriors!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beware the Blue Oriental Dragon!

I had blogged earlier about the virtues of using toy figures for gaming. In a little back-and-forth on the comments at Back in '81 I mentioned posting a few pics of the Safari Ltd. blue dragon. They call it a Chinese dragon (also known as a lung dragon) but I'd like to think she'd be just as easily found in other nearby Asian regions. Here's a few choice shots:

Profile with Reaper Miniatures knight (from the Legendary Encounters collection of pre-painted minis).

Big 'ol dragon booty. Be nice, just because her back is turned doesn't mean she can't hear you.

Now where did that dragon run off to?