Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Art for Unproduced Stormbringer Animated Movie

Image: Wendy Pini via Boing Boing (click pick to visit book online)
So this is pretty cool--apparently, Wendy Pini, the artist behind the Elfquest series attempted to get Michael Moorcock's Stormbringer made into an animated feature back in the 80s. While the movie didn't happen (obviously) Richard Pini, (her husband and Elfquest's co-writer) brought the book to the web and you can click through the illustrations. While I can't say I've counted myself an Elfquest fan, the artwork is quite wonderful. Huge props to Boing Boing for the story. Pini also recounts the effort to get the film made.

A word to the wise, the book's website may take a moment to load (it did for me anyway) as a little timer pops up in lower right corner between pictures, so be patient!