Friday, May 18, 2012

Rotating planets ring for that special Space Warlock...

This is a real ring made from meteorite and gemstones in the shape of the 8 planets and Pluto (heh!). The inside ring with inset gems rotates around the outside gold ring. No word on it's ability to open astral portals or conjure subspace monsters to do your bidding.

Pricing starts at $3,600 (so I hope you mastered that turning-lead-into-gold spell).

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Springcon 2012 this weekend in St. Paul, MN

I'll be hitting the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair again this weekend for Springcon -- one of two comicons held annually in the Twin Cities. The Midwest Comic Book Association does a nice job of organizing what's quickly grown from a small affair to a regional event in the last few years.

I generally like to chat with the creators and artists and get a commission if time allows. It should be fun!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Super-hero movie clip mash-up

Getting ready for The Avengers this Friday? I'm SET. And this clip is a great primer. Sure half these films are so-so and the tunes are over the top, but it's a pretty impressive undertaking.

Me? My sweetie will be defending her dissertation in the morning, followed by an evening at the local IMAX to watch the original "A" team defend the rest of us.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A new DUNGEON! board game on its way!!!!!!

Looks like my all-time favorite board game is making a comeback--DUNGEON! Man, I take ONE DAY to move all my worldly possessions (Saturday) and then finally tonight I try to get caught up on blog roll reading and find out on Grognardia (props, BTW) what Wizards of the Coast has just announced for release come October 12:
A classic board game of dungeon exploration returns!

Dungeon! is a fast-paced game where you and your friends can decide which way to go in the hunt for bigger and better treasure.

Will you stick to level 1 and clear out the Goblins and Kobolds? Or will you delve deep into level 6 and set your sights on the Purple Worm or the Red Dragon? Along the way, you’ll have to face off against such iconic monsters as the Black Pudding, the Drow, and even the Owlbear!

Featuring simple, straightforward rules that are easy to learn, Dungeon! is perfect for a fantasy game night, or a warm-up before your next epic game of D&D!
After what appeared to be a false start, last year this looks like the real deal. Best of all, the game will retail for just $20, which frankly is a boon to any parents looking to bring their kiddos along in the ways of nascent geekdom and the wonders of ESP medallions. I'm sure there's bound to be some updates to the rules, but I'm really hoping it still keeps the fun monster and treasure card system--and of course the, ahem, spell cards!

And early October means it'll arrive just in time for a Halloween game-a-thon. Here's to new adventures with an old favorite!

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