Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brave Halfling Sale on Whitebox S&W 5-Player Set

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Thought I'd spread the word that John Adams over at Brave Halfling Publishing is having a sale on a special version of the Whitebox set.  This "Referee set" for Swords and Wizardry is like an instant game out of the box for up to FIVE gamers to get started!

The following excerpted text relays the details:
Each Set Includes:
  • A 6″ x 9″ Game Box (With a new sticker on the bottom of the box – see picture)
  • A complete Set of Rule Booklets for the Referee and enough extra Character & Spells Booklets for four more players! That’s 5 Character, 3 Spell, 1 Monster and 1 Treasures Booklets in all!  These booklets contain the new WhiteBox logo that will be on booklets from now on (but are not on any of the previous rule booklets – see picture)
  • A copy of Jimm Johnson’s Adventure, “The Vile Worm of the Eldritch Oak” (with a card stock cover)
  • A digest-sized copy of Matt Finch’s, “Quick Primer for Old-School Gaming”
  • A pad of 25 digest-sized character sheets
  • A pad of 25 digest-sized graph paper sheets
  • Set of polyhedral dice
  • And a pencil
This is a limited run--so if you're looking to recruit players (or finally convert your buddies to a retro-clone) this is the time to do it!