Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inmate banned from playing D&D

Wow, so this is weird. A federal court of appeals has held up a ruling that a convicted felon cannot play D&D because other inmates were afraid he'd started a "gang". Oh, and there's this from Boing Boing:
Singer was told by prison officials that he could not keep the materials because Dungeons & Dragons "promotes fantasy role playing, competitive hostility, violence, addictive escape behaviors, and possible gambling," according to the ruling. The prison later developed a more comprehensive policy against all types of fantasy games, the court said.
Just wow. And in Wisconsin no less, where the hobby was invented! This will set gamers/nerds back decades!

Granted, the guy's a fellon, but seriously that legalese is about as psycho-babble fascist as it gets. I wonder what evidence they have to back that up. Here's the full story....

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