Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free Stuff: Kobold Quaterly

Let me be honest--after the holidays and the tons of OSR products that went on sale in the last few weeks I'd be smart to not spend any more cash for a while. The problem is more awesome stuff keeps going on sale! Luckily there's some FREE stuff out there: a free PDF of Kobold Quarterly magazine, issue #10 available through the end of January.

To get it, you'll need to log in/register and then put the item in your cart. Enter KQ10Free in the promo code field to get the item at no cost. (It works, I tried it.)

For those who may not have heard about KQ, it's Wolfgang Baur's ENnie-Award-winning, indpendent RPG magazine. It's usually got a good interview along with both professional and amateur submissions. Material covered is always fantasy and crosses several editions of D&D--including system neutral or OSR. I want to say that there's nearly always an monster ecology article. This one features Gelatinous Cubes (!) and includes an article by Monte Cook on the old school, which should make for an interesting read. ;)

Also in this issue:
  • Jason Bulmahn on the Pathfinder RPG
  • Ed Greenwood’s Dwarven Goddess
  • Ecology of the Hill Giant
  • Wicked Fantasy: the Haffun
  • Secrets of the Halberd
  • Monte Cook’s Game Theories
  • Rampant Elf Lust
I have several issues of KQ, though it's typically a little pricey. This is a good opportunity to check it out for free if you've not had the chance before.



Havard: said...

Interesting Jay! I've been thinking about making a subscription to KQ for years now. I really miss the old Dragon Magazine. How useful is the magazine to those who arent particularly interested in 3E/4E specific material?

Jay said...

I've not kept up with every issue, so I'm perhaps not the best gauge. That said, I really enjoyed issue #2 which had a really great article on Star and Shadow magic including spells and a nifty article on Liches.

I've downloaded the most recent issue, but haven't had a chance to read it through yet. It's definitely worth checking it out for free--I'll put it that way!