Friday, October 11, 2013

Kickstart this: Infinite Crypt dungeon terrain system

On thing that I've always pined for is a cost-effective terrain system. RPG terrain, in general, can be really pricey. I've substituted with cheaper alternatives like aquarium terrain, toy playsets, cardboard and paper sets, etc., but it's often hard to find specific pieces (can I just get a freakin' secret door?).

I know there are molds out there, but frankly, that's a lot more work than I've currently got time to pursue. Luckily, there's now this awesome laser-cut dungeon terrain system on Kickstarter, called Infinite Crypts!

The sets come flat-packed, like Ikea furniture. They're precut and you just pop 'em out and build. The system is modular so you can arrange as desired. But don't take my word for it...

It's in the UK and the dollars-to-pounds conversion stings, but you do get quite a bit for the money, regardless.

Dungeon terrain systems are a bit of an investment. I've looked at Dungeon Forge sets and the like, but I've always come back to just having a few key pieces on the table: furniture, rocky outcroppings, pillars, and stalagmites (you get the picture). Enough to help with tactics but not over crowd the table too much. But damn, this looks enticing.

I can see more than a few pieces I'd like to have. What about you?

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