Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ant-Man film finally in the works!

Potential spoilers to follow...

They're really are making Ant-Man!

Looks like the Ant Man movie is still in the works! Director Edgar Wright recently tweeted this image:

That suit may look familiar, it's from the leaked test footage that appeared and was quickly scrubbed from the interwebs. You can still find videos of people watching it online (snooze!).

So who's wearing the suit? Likely a stunt double, but a commentor on io9, suggested Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul would make a great Hank Pym, and I 100% endorse that suggestion! Especially since it seems like Ant-Man is going to be more of it's own thing, and not deeply integrated into the Disney Marvelverse (see links below). I personally think that's a mistake, but at least they picked a good director.


Meanwhile, in Avengers sequel news

Geek news outlets are reporting that Elizabeth Olsen (yes, related to the Olsen twins) is signed to play Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (the guy who played Kick-Ass) is on-board for Quicksilver. Both seem like capable actors, so I'm excited to see what develops (hopefully NOT that awful Ultimates storyline, yeesh!). My dream would be to see my favorite superhero finally make it to the silver screen: the Vision!


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