Thursday, July 14, 2011

HELP! Any Wikipedia Editors Out There?

Looks like the D&D Simulacrums page is scheduled for merger with--I'm not sure what. But the users on that page are saying it doesn't deserve it's own page. To be clear, this is the page that explains what retro-clones, etc. are.

I'm not adept enough to get in there and discuss--is there an experience Wikipedia editor out there in the OSR that can intervene?

It's important that the OSR and related movements have some solid article there to explain these games. This page sets up the reasoning for Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, X-plorers, Mutant Future, and more.

Here's the discussion page


Quibish said...

The simulacrums page will be largely unchanged. They are talking about adding Variant Dungeons and Dragons to the simulacrums page.

It's not alarming so much as just irritating. The simulacrums page will still have all the same info it has now. They want to cut the variants page and paste that paragraph into simulacrums somewhere.

Personally, I don't think variants should be added to simulacrums. Those are two different things. They would be better off just adding more info to the variants page. Too bad that my wiki edit-fu is weak.

Jay said...

Ah, so I should chill out maybe?