Wednesday, July 13, 2011

D&D Documentary Set for 40th Anniversary

Looks like there's a D&D documentary in the works, set to debut in 2013 on the history of the game. From the Examiner:
Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary will be a definitive look at the game Dungeons & Dragons, its history, appeal and effect. A game like no other, with influences far-reaching and subtle. A feature length film, shot on HD video. 
There's not much more info at this point--including whether or not this is an official project of Wizards (it doesn't look like it). That may be a strong point since they'd likely provide a more balanced look. However, a solely independent project could possibly have issues getting access. I wonder if they'll be able to incorporate any interviews from Gary or Dave before they passed. Stay tuned on this one.

The full Examiner article.

Props to Geekdad


Aaron E. Steele said...

And here I thought Chevski was writing a book, not producing a documentary...


James Maliszewski said...

If I were doing as many things sub rosa as are attributed to me, I'd have to have several clones toiling away just to keep up.

Oh, I've said too much ...

Jay said...

@Paladin, the fact that you utter his name and he appears is some kind of crazy internet magic! You should come around and do that more often.

@James, I would have assumed Grognardia is the book. It's just not the paper kind. ;)