Thursday, April 16, 2009


Normally I eschew "my life is busy right now" posts, but in this case that's accurate. I'm leaving for Seattle next week for a business trip that goes more than a week. I've never been to the Emerald City, so I'm pretty excited. The downside is I'm doing triple-duty on work to get ready. In the last few months I've been taking over another job from not one but two ladies who were out on maternity leave.

Now that one of them is back, I thought the flurry of work would subside a bit (notice I said "a bit"). But in fact, it's not slowed at all. On the contrary, I'm still doing that work, plus my own "real" job, plus additional duties.

In any case, expect regular posts to resume when I get back. The downside is I think I'll miss out on the contest, but I will continue to improve my skills and possibly even still submit my art at some point.

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