Monday, December 8, 2014

Spiderman and his amazing pals vs. evil wizard and demon horde!

This episode of Spider-man and His Amazing Friends (1981) was among my favorites of any show of that era. It had everything:
No reason is given for why BK's regular non-bucket helm is replaced with this.
  • Spider-man and superhero buddies!
  • Probably the first animated LARP session!
  • The courageous (if not, somewhat socially awkward) Black Knight crusading against evil!
  • The diabolical, demon-conjuring wizard Mordred!
  • Firestar!
  • BK holds a mystical amulet that shoots mystical stuff!
  • A scary-ass skull planet! Seriously, how big does that skull have to be? HUGE! 
  • An aerial showdown at Mordred's castle with BK on a pegasus and Mordred on a demon-dragon thing!
  • Folks standing around at Stonehenge!
Mordred's castle somehow doesn't melt into pyroclastic goo. The HSA fees must be killer.
It hit all the geekboy buttons back then. In fact, this would make for one heck of a superheroes in D&D-land adventure. Hmmmm....

What episode of anything can't be improved by a giant floating head. The answer is NONE.
More about "Knights and Demons" episode


Lord Gwydion said...

One of my favorite episodes, as well!

The one with Thor and Loki, where Iceman gets engaged to the queen of the Ice Giants is good, too!

Timothy Brannan said...

Yeah this was pretty awesome.