Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ready, set, roll your save for National Gaming Day!

So what are you doing this Saturday, November 13? Hopefully getting out to your local library and doing some gaming, because it's National Gaming Day, sponsored by the American Library Association! Board, traditional, and video gamers are invited to find a participating library in their area (link goes to list and map) to join in the event. From the ALA's website:
Libraries will offer a variety of activities throughout the day, including modern board games, traditional games (such as chess and checkers) and two national video game tournaments that will pit players at dozens of libraries against each other for bragging rights to the ultimate Rock Band and Super Smash Bros. Brawl crowns.

Although it doesn't explicitly say RPGs, I'd just like to point out that big, beautiful, blue dodecahedron in the logo. :)

North Star Games, makers of Wits and Wagers is a cosponsor and will be providing copies to libraries to let attendees try out the game. Library supplier DEMCO is also a sponsor.


/Hat tip to Boing Boing for the news!


Daddy Grognard said...

Heh, I'm envious of you now. In my neck of the woods, here in merrie England, the library actually charges for the use of rooms and it's not cheap. I put a poster up on the library noticeboard (administered by the local council) to advertise Old School D&D and it vanished a couple of weeks later. I put another poster up and the same thing happened.

So a library that goes out of its way to organise something for gamers and lays on facilities for them to advertise and get their game on...

Well, like I said, envious.

Jay said...

Daddy G, that bites! Here in the US we tend to be more lax, but then we also close lots of libraries. :(

Brunomac said...

This one flew right under my radar. I just went and got drunk like every Saturday night!