Thursday, March 11, 2010

Original D&D art with an extra cup of snark

Always irreverent has a new post on original D&D art. It's a far cry from the usual compliments and platitudes we usually see (and give, I for one am guilty!) to D&D artists. What strikes me about this though is....they're right! Not all the time, but some of the early art isn't that great.

Don't get me wrong, my lack of artistic skills are nothing to crow about. But it's fun to see just how much the hobby grew in such a short time. Between the original edition's debut in 1974 and the dawn of the 80s, the art substantially improved in to what  most of us think of when we think of D&D art: the era of Otus, Trampier, etc.

Anyway, their little stroll down memory lane is nothing, if not entertaining!

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