Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Sketch 04: Egyptian Wizard

Now this guy has something happening! I'm not sure what I was doing here--it wasn't Marvelesque--but I do think that I sort of captured the spirit of the character on his own. To be honest, I'm not thrilled with his caricature-like features (big shoulders, tiny legs, etc.) but I do like his face and I dig the hat. When it comes to drawing, I'm much more a fan of stylized realism ala Alex Raymond. Something a little more straight-laced and less cartoony (e.g., super-deformed). Though, I admit there are exeptions.

I recently picked up a War Gods miniature that's kind of in the same vein. I dig the idea of an wizard from an ancient land like Egypt where the magic is truly arcane and probably a little bit scary!

I gave this guy a familiar in the form of a sacred ibis, an Egyptian crane that was worshiped and highly revered. It seemed to make an ideal partner for a desert conjurer. Sort of like an owl playing the wingman to the European wizard template.

I also gave the wiz an Egyptian ceremonial staff instead of the traditional magic wand or rod, again to lend a more conscious allusion to his creed.

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noisms said...

This is really good. There's something nicely creepy about him.